How Hillsong and Brian Houston
are Destroying Christianity

And this is absolutely the truth. Youth today have been conditioned to “experience” church, rather than accept the biblical model of church, which is, primarily, to equip the saints to make disciples. While biblically-modeled worship is and should be an integral part of a church service, Hillsong has transformed the traditional worship service into a mind-numbing session of entertainment that contains little, if any, expository preaching, Gospel proclamation, or biblical truth. As the English evangelist, Leonard Ravenhill once said, “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy. The more joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need.” Hillsong and churches that follow their model have become breeding grounds for false converts, and make their congregations completely dependent on the “high” they get through the experiential worship services, while departing from the truth.


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