I wish I had this 5 years ago

This is an excellent 11 minute summation as to why your church shouldn’t use Bethillvation (and company) music. It covers 4 main points. I’d love to figure out what was going on in the Paul Washer segment, as it seemed like the guy standing next to him kept interrupting him but the creator of this … Read more

Red Flag Buzz Words

If the “Christian” material you are reading contains any of these buzzwords, be cautious and investigate the material and the author Radical Secret New Code Whisper

Louie Giglio

Passion’s Louie Giglio Greets Pope with “Holy Kiss” That doctrine-denying ecumenism is running amok in the evangelical church is an understatement of epic proportions.  The safeguards of the faith founded in the sound doctrine of the Word have been all but cast aside in, to an onlooking post-modern worldview, an admirable spirit of tolerance But … Read more

Spiritual Unity

In the June 22, 2021 Wretched Radio Podcast, Todd Friel references these quotes from Martyn Lloyd-Jones: “The basis of our unity must be doctrine, not fellowship.” “The next unique feature of the gathering of people who are the church is the common life they share. They have a love of the same doctrine, always. This … Read more

Resurrectionists (not insurrectionists)

If you are a Biblically founded Christian, a more accurate term for you might be “Resurrectionist”. The world tries to invalidate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even many so called Christians dismiss the resurrection and claim Jesus’ teachings about love is all that matters. As we’ll see, the the resurrection is not only true, but … Read more

Beth Moore leaves the SBC

Michelle Lesley’s article does an excellent job of covering what Beth Moore’s departure means For Beth personally, For the average Beth Moore fan, For the discerning Christian, For Southern Baptist Churches, and For the Southern Baptist Convention. Most interesting was her critique of LifeWay enabling Beth’s false teaching to line their own pockets. LifeWay didn’t … Read more

Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

We need to start protecting God’s sheep by steering them away from people who refuse to sign the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel due to their aggressive promotion of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. I would steer people away from the following men, all who did not sign the statement, and all who … Read more

Beyond Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis may be a great apologist, but his theology can leave things to be desired. This paragraph from “Mere Christianity” smacks of Universalism. There are people (a great many of them) who are slowly ceasing to be Christians but who still call themselves by that name: some of them are clergymen. There are other … Read more

“Hearing” from God

You remember what the disciples asked Jesus in Luke chapter 11? “Lord, teach us to pray.” The ball is sitting on the proverbial tee waiting for Jesus to knock it out of the park and affirm what Robert Morris and the vast majority of evangelicals believe today, that prayer is a two-way street. “Lord, teach … Read more

Four Myths Charismatics Believe

For nineteen-hundred years, the Christian church has largely believed that the Apostolic sign gifts (which include prophecy, tongues, and miracles wrought by the hands of men) no longer exist because the Apostles are no longer with us. These gifts were meant to signify Apostles and were distributed only to the Apostles and upon those whom … Read more

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