Four Myths Charismatics Believe

For nineteen-hundred years, the Christian church has largely believed that the Apostolic sign gifts (which include prophecy, tongues, and miracles wrought by the hands of men) no longer exist because the Apostles are no longer with us. These gifts were meant to signify Apostles and were distributed only to the Apostles and upon those whom the Apostles laid their hands. Charismatics disagree with the bulk of church history, however, and in doing so fall repeatedly for charlatans, crooks, carnival barkers, frauds, phonies, mentalists, and parlor tricksters.

  1. Laughing in the Spirit, Being Slain in the Spirit, Being Drunk in the Spirit: The Bible says that fools laugh when they should be serious (Proverbs 29:9). No one in Scripture, no one, is portrayed as laughing in God’s presence as a means of worship. Rather, when God is present, they fall terrified in fear.
  2. Receiving a “Word from the Lord” Outside the Bible: Hebrews 1:1-2 very clearly tells us that God no longer speaks to us through prophets, but through the words of Christ. In fact, we’re promised that incomplete and fragmented prophecies and tongues will cease in 1 Corinthians 13:8 when the complete (telios) comes. The complete word of God Paul referred to was the Holy Scripture and completed canon.
  3. Speaking in “Tongues”: One of the last curses of sin was the confusion of language at Babel (Genesis 11). Symbolically, the gift of xenoglossia in Acts 2 was the significant and symbolic lifting of that curse. One thing is for sure, however; the languages spoken on the Day of Pentecost were actual languages.
  4. Jezebel Spirits, Leviathan Spirits, and other Boogeyman Spirits: Scripturally, however, there are demons. There are not, however, specific kinds of demons with various mythical mascots or superheroes.

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