10 ways to identify false teachings

  1. False teachings are Man Centered
  2. False teachings Misrepresent the nature of God and man
  3. False teachings promote Methods
  4. False teachings Minimize the cost of following Christ
  5. False teachings Misinterpret the kingdom of God
  6. False teachings Misapply promises God made to Israel
  7. False teachings Marginalize the word of God
  8. False teachings Magnify experiences
  9. False teachings Monetize the Gospel
  10. False teachings Modernize the gospel

Read the full article, with excellent descriptions of each item here: https://fitl.co.za/2018/05/10/10-ways-to-identify-false-teachings/

Since the web page is on a server in South Africa on a site that I’ve never seen before, I’ve attached a copy in case it goes away. (Formatted for easier reading, and Americanized the British spellings)

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